Skyler Smith


Joseph Thomas

The Beginning

By Skyler

One day after being cooped up in the house for months in 2020, I decided to spontaneously download the dating app Bumble. I didn't really expect much to come from it, but as I was scrolling through on that first day, I found the profile of somebody who was incredibly handsome, with a great smile and a sense of humor that looked like it matched. I sent a message asking a very important question, "If you were a dinosaur which one would you be and why?". He replied, "...I would have to go with Dakosaurus! They're what sea monsters today are based off of and considered to be the ancestors of the crocodile. ..." He had me hook, line, and sinker. 

As we continued to talk and navigate the global pandemic as safely as possible, we found that we could talk about nearly anything and genuinely enjoyed each others' company. The pandemic slowly lifted, but Joseph had to leave for a time, while we continued our relationship over a long-distance. Although this was difficult at times, we found that the bond we shared was not diminished and we decided that we just couldn't stay away.

The Proposal

By Joseph

December of 22' after over 6 months of research I dropped by our local jewelry store and placed an order for the ring that started this journey. It took a few weeks to get here and soon after I dropped by Skyler's parents' house to chat. To tell them I couldn't see a life without her and show them the ring I picked out. The story picks up 3 months later on Memorial Day weekend where I surprised her in Leavenworth with a proposal! 

Making a Life Together

By Skyler

As the years have gone by, we have been able to meet each others' family and have our families meet each other! We are both so grateful for the support and warm welcome each of our families have given to the other. Our mutual endeavors and interests have also grown! In the summers we love to kayak and garden. During the fall and winter we decorate and carve pumpkins for Halloween and for the Christmas season we decorate our house together and make ginger bread houses. If we read books together, they are usually on philosophy/history and we love to watch a good comedy or action show. Our cat Jedi demands our attention as often as he can, while being insanely cute, and our newest aquarium additions delight us every time we look into their watery world. We are so excited to be doing life together with our family, friends, community, and pets. Looking forward to the future!

Photo credit to Savannah Rae Photography for the beautiful photos from our engagement